Acrylic Sheet For Ocean Aquariums And Swimming Pool

Acrylic Sheet For Ocean Aquariums And Swimming Pool

Raw Material: 100% Imported Lucite
Thickness Capicity: 50-600mm
Tensile Strength: 80Mpa
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Product Details

Our company can be acrylic designs, fabricates and installs a variety of acrylic swimming pool windows and walls that offer spectacular views. While many pool window fabricators are limited to single-sided-rectangular viewing panels, we employ advanced manufacturing techniques to chemically bond and thermoform acrylic, allowing us to create multi-sided viewing panels of nearly any conceivable dimension. Whether you're a homeowner looking to create a statement piece for your indoor or outdoor pool or a professional in search of a training aid, our acrylic transparencies offer unparalleled performance and versatility.


The establishment of the aquarium does not only exist for profit, the design of the Ruichang aquarium expresses that it must also consider what impact it will have on the city's ecology. ECO, abbreviated as ECO, is to regard the building as an ecosystem. Through the design of various factors in the interior and exterior of the building, the material and energy can be converted in an orderly cycle within the ecosystem to achieve a high efficiency, low consumption, no waste, no waste. The pollution and ecological balance of the building environment makes it necessary to adopt energy-saving equipment and materials and various resource-saving measures.

Four ecological strategies are adopted in the design:

     1. In-depth analysis of the characteristics of the surrounding environment and climate, fully excavate the positive factors of the site, and transform its negative factors. Taking into account the space replacement impact of buildings on the environment, technologies such as miniature gardens, artificial wetlands, and vegetation roofs are used to make ecological compensation for the natural environment.

     2. In terms of building envelope structure, the emphasis is on its high performance, adaptability and intelligence. In addition to increasing the green volume and enhancing the ecological functions of the outdoor environment, the use of vegetation roofs on the roof has a positive effect on improving the roof's thermal insulation performance and reducing building energy consumption.

     3. The design of Guixi Aquarium pointed out that in terms of indoor environment control, passive energy-saving strategies are prioritized and active energy-saving strategies are optimized. The establishment of the central rain garden greatly improves the lighting and ventilation of the central part.

     4. In terms of energy system, one is to use petrochemical energy efficiently and the other is to actively develop renewable energy.

Product Name

Acrylic Sheet For Ocean Aquariums And Swimming pool

Raw Material

100% Imported Lucite



Thickness Capicity:


Tensile Strength:


Specific gravity


Thermoforming Ranges


Terms of payment

40% as advance payment by T/T after signing the contract, 60% by T/T before delivery


Custom Size


Perfect transparency and the light transmittance with 92%

Excellent electrical insulation

Very light in weight

High plasticity, Processing and shaping easier

Strong surface hardness and good weather resisting property

Delivery Time

15-30 days

Production Line

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