Column Cylinder Acrylic Fish Tank

Column Cylinder Acrylic Fish Tank

Raw Material: 100% Imported Lucite
Thickness Capicity: 50-600mm
Tensile Strength: 80Mpa
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Our company is a successful acrylic product supplier and aquarium engineering builder. We have been committed to the chemical industry and its aquarium industry for many years. We will provide you with quality services and competitive prices.

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Aquarium design should pay attention to the installation sequence of infrastructure:

1) Place the aquarium shelf firmly in the selected position, lay the mat, and put the aquarium on it; check whether the aquarium is stable; step back and check whether the height is appropriate.

2) If a bottom filter is used, the filter plate and riser should be assembled and placed at the bottom of the tank after the aquarium is installed in place. Check that the height of the upper end of the pipe should be slightly lower than the edge of the box, otherwise the top cover will eventually fail to cover.

3) Add a small amount of water-washed bottom sand, the bottom of the particles is large, and the top is small. The average thickness of the sand is about 3 cm, leaving some for grass growing.

4) Place decorative stones and ornaments. If you use a bottom filter, the stones can pile up to cover part of the water pipe, but do not lean against the wall of the aquarium. When two or more stones are piled up, it is best to apply some glass glue to the joints for light bonding.

5) Whether sinking wood should be placed depends on the requirements of the aquarium design. If you want to plant grass on sinking wood, you can put it in later when you plant grass, but if you don't plant grass, you can put it in at this time. The wooden base that sinks vertically should be tied with nylon thread and boulders. It is now possible to install fake aquatic plants with stone and wood.

6) Fix the heater on the glass on both sides of the aquarium with plastic suction cups. If you use a built-in circulating filter device, you can also fix it on the glass of the aquarium at this time. The heat dissipation effect of the inclined heater is better than that of the straight heat dissipation, and the heat dissipation effect of the low-position heater is better than the heat dissipation effect of the high-position heater.

7) Slowly pour the water into the aquarium. Because the fish cannot be released temporarily, tap water can be injected directly at this time. In order to prevent water from washing up the sand at the bottom, one hand can scoop the water into the sand, and the other hand can be used as buffer water.

When water is injected into the pipe, the water can be washed onto the stone, or the cloth strip is attached to the nozzle of the pipe to reduce the impact of the water behind the cloth strip. It does not matter whether the water is a bit cloudy. After filling water, adjust the height of the heater to an appropriate position.

8) Install air pump, thermometer and ceiling lighting. When using an external or top cover filter, also install it at this time. After all the equipment is installed, conduct electrical tests to get a preliminary understanding of the operating status and main points of the equipment.

9) The aquarium is designed to be energized continuously for 3 days in accordance with the requirements of regular fish farming. The next day, you can try the water change operation. During this period, test whether the water temperature is appropriate, check whether the circulating filter system is working well, whether the noise of the air pump is too large, and whether there is dripping in the aquarium and external equipment, carefully find out the shortcomings and adjust them.

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Column Cylinder Acrylic Fish Tank 



Raw Material

100% Pure Imported Lucite

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Normal Temperature




Multilayer boarding packing





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