Custom Acrylic Aquariums

Custom Acrylic Aquariums

Raw Material: 100% Imported Lucite
Thickness Capicity: 50-600mm
Tensile Strength: 80Mpa
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Our company is a successful acrylic product supplier and aquarium engineering builder. We have been committed to the chemical industry and its aquarium industry for many years. We will provide you with quality services and competitive prices.

We are expecting to become your long-term partner in China.


The space treatment of the aquarium design should be based on the physical function requirements of the aquarium, such as temperature, humidity, ventilation, etc., to determine the different layer height changes in each area. In order to ensure the sunshine time of the marine animals, it is necessary to reasonably set the roof opening and lighting , Often contradicts the treatment of indoor temperature and humidity. This part of the mechanical action is completely controlled automatically by the computer.

Attention should be paid to the design of the aquarium:

There is an intersection between the water system and the wind system. Let the wind system go away. When the ceiling of the wind system is at a certain distance from the hanging board, 100 mm should be used.

Second, whether the wind passes through the coil. Experiments have shown that the wind passing through the coil is more effective than not passing through the coil. However, according to different considerations, designers can use coilless air supply. Therefore, we need to look at the construction drawings.

The water system pays attention to compensation, and cooling cannot be considered. If there is a heating function, a fixed bracket needs to be set for thermal compensation.

Product name

Custom Acrylic Aquariums



Raw Material

100% Pure Imported Lucite

Proper Use

Normal Temperature




Multilayer boarding packing





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