Custom Acrylic Tanks

Custom Acrylic Tanks

Material: Lucite Acrylic
Thickness: 20-300mm customized
Color: Clear/transparent
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Xiamen Zonesu Technology and Engineering Co., Ltd. Offers very good wear resistance, weather resistance, resistant to multiple chemicals, beautiful appearance and sprayability acrylic products, Our company is a successful acrylic product supplier and aquarium engineering builder. We have been committed to the chemical industry and its aquarium industry for many years. We will provide you with quality services and competitive prices.

We are expecting to become your long-term partner in China.


1. Environmental requirements for aquarium design

The water temperature and quality of Koi are not strict, and the suitable temperature range is 2℃~30℃, but it cannot resist sudden changes in water temperature. If the temperature difference suddenly exceeds 2℃~3℃, the koi will have discomfort. The best water temperature is 20℃~25℃; it needs enough oxygen, suitable for living in low alkalinity and low hardness water environment.

2. Aquarium design should pay attention to the food needs of fish

Koi is an omnivorous fish that can be eaten by molluscs, higher aquatic plant fragments, benthic organisms and even small algae or synthetic pellets. It is best to feed synthetic particles, bait, bean cake, vegetable cake, bread crumbs, fish and insects, clams, crab meat, Wuping, duckweed, etc. Eat regularly to avoid stress reactions.

3. Fish species selection

The fish should be healthy, harmless, free of scales and other diseases, bright, colorful and clear.

4. Aquarium design should pay attention to stocking density

Under normal circumstances, the density of the water cluster box is 60 cm × 30 cm × 15 cm, and 6 carps of 15 cm to 20 cm long, 8 carps of 90 cm × 30 cm × 50 cm in length, and 10 carps of 110 cm × 30 cm can be placed ×50 cm long carp.

Custom Acrylic Tanks


Lucite Acrylic


20-300mm customized




Customer's Demand


High Surface Hardness

Light transmission

High light transmission(95%)


More than 93%


PE film masking on both sides,KT board and angle iron.


undersea world, Oceanarium, Zoo, Luxurious hotels, Swimming pools and so on.

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