Acrylic Pool Swimming

Raw Material: 100% Imported Lucite Color: Transparent/clear Thickness: 100mm-600mm
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Xiamen Zonesu Technology and Engineering Co., Ltd. Offers good transparency, chemical stabilit and weather resistance acrylic products, Our company is a successful acrylic product supplier and aquarium engineering builder. We have been committed to the chemical industry and its aquarium industry for many years. We will provide you with quality services and competitive prices. we are expecting to become your long-term partner in China.





1. Construction type of infinity pool

The most critical step in the design of an infinity pool is to lower the height of one or more side walls so that the pool water can flow out along the wall.

At present, there are two forms of pool wall design: the side of the pool slopes toward the inside of the pool; the side of the pool slopes toward the outside of the pool. No matter which method is adopted, there will be no boundary effect.

In fact, the walls of a true borderless swimming pool slope towards the outside of the swimming pool. Only in this way can the pool wall be truly hidden. However, this method requires designers to have a superhuman sense of art and combine with the surrounding environment to create a perfect and boundless effect.

Requirements for the construction conditions of the infinity pool:

The study found that the geographical location has largely restricted the construction of infinity swimming pools. Therefore, the choice of geographic location is generally given top priority.

The location of the borderless swimming pool is best located next to a large body of water to produce the effect of pool water flowing into the water body.

Special construction methods and advantages of infinity swimming pools:

In the case of unsatisfactory geographical conditions, in order to create an endless effect, we need the unique creativity and skilled skills of designers, and reasonable design can achieve beautiful visual effects at the same time.

2. Auxiliary landscape elements for the infinity pool

Under good weather and geographical conditions, the embryonic form of a borderless swimming pool has basically taken shape, but in order to achieve a perfect landscape effect, a large number of auxiliary elements are required to combine with it to give full play to the greatest charm of boundless. For example, the design of the surrounding landscape, the choice of materials, the coordination of lighting, etc.

Surrounding environment landscape construction of infinity pool:

The swimming pool does not exist in isolation, it is closely related to the surrounding environment. Regardless of the style, the space around the swimming pool should be designed as needed. From a landscape perspective, the selected materials and shapes, including pond terraces and green plants, all need to show the overall style and function.

The shape design and material application of the infinity pool:

In addition to the above design elements, the shape design of the swimming pool and the application of materials are also very important. Appropriate materials can make the surface smoothness and frosting of the cake.

In fact, there is no specific definition of shape design. Common types now include: rectangle, square, circle, semicircle, star, irregular shape, etc. No matter what type it is, it cannot produce a marginal effect. The specific shape chosen must be combined with the site conditions and the designer's ideas.

Product Name

Acrylic pool swimming

Raw Material

100% Imported Lucite





Terms of payment

40% as advance payment by T/T after signing the contract, 60% by T/T before delivery


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Unbreakable, bear large water pressure, excellent light diaphaneity, high mechanical strength, non-toxic and chemical resistant

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15-30 days

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