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Adhering  to  the  ecological  layout  of  "superior  product,  direct  source",FORTY-NINE UNION has been engaged  in Maotai-flavor grain  liquor  from Moutai Town, Guizhou, China; ecological  tea with high quality  technology by masters  from famous mountains; organic ingredients and world famous wines at home and abroad; craft beer.

FORTY-NINE  UNION  Maotai-flavor  liquor  won  the  gold  medal  of Maotai-flavor liquor group at the 8th China International Wine and Spirits Exhibition.

In  terms of products, FORTY-NINE UNION, based on  ingenuity, has produced grain  alcohol  by  solid-state  fermentation;  liquors  specially  made  for  wedding  and parties,  turning  the burden of "after-work drinking"  into a social stage for  individual display;  liquors  with  quotes  and  family  names,  turning  liquor  into  a  cultural  and creative product  for  the middle-aged  to express  their emotions and personalities;  the patented liquors in pottery jars brewed in cellar, more in line with the cultural habit of the Chinese people to store alcohol to increase the value. 

Adhering  to  the  principle  of  "conscience  economy"  and  advocating  industrial upgrading,  FORTY-NINE UNION  is  a  growing  and  vigorous  enterprise  established 

by crowdfunding and innovation. 

Dragon Boat Festival

Every year after the Dragon Boat Festival, the manufacture of Qu medicine begins. Koji medicine uses wheat as the raw material. The wheat is first crushed, water and "mother koji" are added and mixed, and then placed in a wooden box.

Koji-making time is summer, and the temperature in the koji-making workshop is often as high as 40 degrees Celsius. High temperature is conducive to the growth of microorganisms. These microorganisms secrete a large number of enzymes when mixed into the koji, which can accelerate the conversion of starch and protein into sugar.

The wheat is "stepped on the song" and made into "curved blocks", wrapped with straw, and "stored". After about 10 days, "turn over the warehouse" will be carried out, which is to turn the curved piece up and down, so that each side can fully contact the microorganisms. Generally, two warehouse turnovers are required before and after. After another 30-40 days, the pieces will be ready and ready to be shipped out, but they need to be stored for more than 40 days before they are used. Before use, "shred" the pieces, the smaller the better. After such a process, it takes at least 3 to 5 months to produce a qualified koji.

Chongyang Xiasha

"Chongyang Xiasha" is a key step in the production of sauce-flavored wine. The so-called "sand" refers to red sorghum (also called red beam). Because the local sorghum in Maotai Town is small and red, it is called "sand". "Xiasha" refers to sorghum, the main ingredient used in winemaking. The Chishui River becomes turbid and crimson at the Dragon Boat Festival, until the Double Ninth Festival that year will return to its clear and translucent appearance. As the saying goes, water is the soul of wine. The turbid river water cannot be used to make wine. This is the mystery of "Chongyang Xiasha".

Four high and two long,Nine steamed seven

The four highs are: high-temperature koji making, high-temperature accumulation, high-temperature distilled wine, and high-temperature fermentation;

The two main factors are: long base wine production cycle: the same batch of raw materials has to go through nine times of cooking, eight times of fermentation, and seven times of wine extraction, which lasts one year; Daqu has a long storage period: Daqu must be stored for six months before it can enter liquor production; Long base wine age: base wine must undergo more than three years of storage and aging through the process of volatilization, oxidation, association and esterification to eliminate harmful substances in the wine and improve the quality of the wine.

The wine was taken seven times, and the taste was sour and spicy one or two times. The wine from the third to the fifth time was the best, called the "big back wine", the wine obtained for the sixth time was the "small back wine", and the wine from the seventh time The taste is burnt and bitter, which is called "chasing glutinous rice wine". But every time it is useful, it must be blended between different batches of wine. Bartenders summarize and distinguish different batches of wine with three types of wines: "sauce", "mellow-sweet" and "pit bottom", so that the blending has a basis. This is also the most famous "back to sand" craft of sauce wine.


Blending has always been a more mysterious process in the winemaking process. The blender relies on his own taste to match, blending different rounds of wine together, looking for the balance and layering between the flavors. Blending includes: plate hook, tune hook, Pingo.

Pangou: In the second year of storage, base wines of the same year, the same round, the same flavor characteristics, and the same quality grade are mixed together.

Tiaogou: In the third year of storage, tasting and testing the base wine that has been plated, using high-quality aged wine to adjust and balance it to make the base wine more perfect.

Pingou: The base wine that has been adjusted in the fourth year of storage is blended into the finished wine. A variety of base wines of different years, different rounds and different characteristics are carefully blended into a beautiful sauce with stable quality according to scientific proportions liqueur.


After the blending is completed, the last task is "flavoring", and adding "flavored wine" when flavoring. The production of flavored wine is produced by the winery with a special process, which is the core secret of each winery. The flavored wine has a special taste and only a small amount is added each time.

After the blending and seasoning are completed, it will continue to be stored for six months to one year, waiting for aging and maturation before filling into the market. A bottle of authentic sauce wine has been produced for at least 5 years.







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