Chinese Sauce-flavored White Wine

Chinese Sauce-flavored White Wine


NET WEIGHT:500ml/Bottle


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Chinese sauce-flavored white wine is also called Maoxiang type, represented by Maotai and famous Chinese and foreign wines, and belongs to Daqu liquor. The sauce is outstanding, elegant and delicate, the wine is full-bodied, long aftertaste, clear and transparent, and slightly yellow in color.

Mainly with sauce aroma, slightly burnt aroma (but not over the top), delicate, complex, and supple aroma. Lu (Luxiang) is not prominent, ester aroma is soft and harmonious, first ester followed by sauce, long sauce, long lasting aroma in the cup No change, the empty glass will stay fragrant for a long time (Moutai is said to be "scented every other day"), the taste is greater than the fragrant, the bitterness is moderate, and the alcohol content is low and unchanged. The standard comment of Maotai-flavor liquor is: colorless (or slightly yellow) transparent, no suspended matter, no precipitation, outstanding sauce, elegant and delicate, the empty cup has a long-lasting fragrance, soft and mellow entrance, long aftertaste, and style (outstanding , Obvious and acceptable).

Adhering  to  the  ecological  layout  of  "superior  product,  direct  source",FORTY-NINE UNION has been engaged  in Maotai-flavor grain  liquor  from Moutai Town, Guizhou, China; ecological  tea with high quality  technology by masters  from famous mountains; organic ingredients and world famous wines at home and abroad; craft beer.

FORTY-NINE  UNION  Maotai-flavor  liquor  won  the  gold  medal  of Maotai-flavor liquor group at the 8th China International Wine and Spirits Exhibition.

In  terms of products, FORTY-NINE UNION, based on  ingenuity, has produced grain  alcohol  by  solid-state  fermentation;  liquors  specially  made  for  wedding  and parties,  turning  the burden of "after-work drinking"  into a social stage for  individual display;  liquors  with  quotes  and  family  names,  turning  liquor  into  a  cultural  and creative product  for  the middle-aged  to express  their emotions and personalities;  the patented liquors in pottery jars brewed in cellar, more in line with the cultural habit of the Chinese people to store alcohol to increase the value. 

NET WEIGHT500ml/Bottle
STORAGE   CONDITIONSVentilated, Cool and   Dry
ORIGINKweichow Moutai Town
RAW MATERIALSWater, Sorghum, Wheat
EXECUTIVE   STANDARDGB/T26760(Gifted   class)







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