Chinese Sauce Wine

Chinese Sauce Wine


NET WEIGHT:500ml/Bottle


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Chinese Sauce Wine, Maoxiang-flavored liquor, also known as Maoxiang-type, is one of the flavors of Chinese liquor. Thanks to the unique brewing environment, traditional craftsmanship, long-term storage, scientific blending, and careful brewing. With Kweichow Moutai, Wangyitai Wine, Drunken Wine, Jiu Siam Wine, Wentai Wine, Sauce Cellar 3721, Guihai Wine, Fugui Jiangnan Wine, Guizhou Sauce Liquor, Guizhou Sauce Ba Tianxia Wine, Guidu Wine, Companion Fate Liquor, Jiangmai Liquor, Shuiyifang Liquor, Qianguo Miaopin, and Guizhou Trust Liquor are the representatives. The sauce is outstanding and fragrant but not bright, low but not light, full-bodied, elegant and delicate, long aftertaste, empty glass Long-lasting fragrance.

Adhering  to  the  ecological  layout  of  "superior  product,  direct  source",FORTY-NINE UNION has been engaged  in Maotai-flavor grain  liquor  from Moutai Town, Guizhou, China; ecological  tea with high quality  technology by masters  from famous mountains; organic ingredients and world famous wines at home and abroad; craft beer.

In  terms of products, FORTY-NINE UNION, based on  ingenuity, has produced grain  alcohol  by  solid-state  fermentation;  liquors  specially  made  for  wedding  and parties,  turning  the burden of "after-work drinking"  into a social stage for  individual display;  liquors  with  quotes  and  family  names,  turning  liquor  into  a  cultural  and creative product  for  the middle-aged  to express  their emotions and personalities;  the patented liquors in pottery jars brewed in cellar, more in line with the cultural habit of the Chinese people to store alcohol to increase the value. 

Adhering  to  the  principle  of  "conscience  economy"  and  advocating  industrial upgrading,  FORTY-NINE UNION  is  a  growing  and  vigorous  enterprise  established 

by crowdfunding and innovation. 

Health characteristics

The characteristics of the “three highs” of Maotai-flavored wines, the receiving temperature during distillation is as high as 40 degrees Celsius, which is nearly twice as high as that of other flavored wines. The high temperature effectively volatilizes substances harmful to human health. .

Moreover, the sauce-flavored wine has to be stored for more than three years, and most of the volatile substances can be volatilized. Therefore, there are few volatile substances stored in the wine body, which is less irritating to the human body and is beneficial to health.

With the improvement of people's living standards, the concept of healthy consumption has been implemented by more and more people on the dining table. In an era when there is no need to be without wine or lack of wine, in an era when both passion and health are required, Maotai-flavor liquor has undoubtedly become the darling of this era. According to the results of many years of research by medical experts, Maotai-flavor liquor does have the effects of inhibiting liver cancer, protecting the stomach, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, and relieving rheumatic joint pain. Researchers followed up and found that people who insisted on drinking the sauce-flavored liquor all the year round significantly reduced the above symptoms year by year, and some were still recovering inadvertently. The health characteristics of Maotai-flavor liquor are obvious, and it is in line with contemporary consumption concepts. The unabated growth of consumer groups is definitely a trend, so the market prospects are increasingly bullish.

NET WEIGHT500ml/Bottle
STORAGE   CONDITIONSVentilated, Cool and   Dry
ORIGINKweichow Moutai Town
RAW MATERIALSWater, Sorghum, Wheat
EXECUTIVE   STANDARDGB/T26760(Gifted   Class)





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