Maotai-flavor Liquor

Maotai-flavor Liquor


NET WEIGHT:500ml/Bottle


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Adhering  to  the  ecological  layout  of  "superior  product,  direct  source",FORTY-NINE UNION has been engaged  in Maotai-flavor grain  liquor  from Moutai Town, Guizhou, China; ecological  tea with high quality  technology by masters  from famous mountains; organic ingredients and world famous wines at home and abroad; craft beer.

FORTY-NINE  UNION  Maotai-flavor  liquor  won  the  gold  medal  of Maotai-flavor liquor group at the 8th China International Wine and Spirits Exhibition.

In  terms of products, FORTY-NINE UNION, based on  ingenuity, has produced grain  alcohol  by  solid-state  fermentation;  liquors  specially  made  for  wedding  and parties,  turning  the burden of "after-work drinking"  into a social stage for  individual display;  liquors  with  quotes  and  family  names,  turning  liquor  into  a  cultural  and creative product  for  the middle-aged  to express  their emotions and personalities;  the patented liquors in pottery jars brewed in cellar, more in line with the cultural habit of the Chinese people to store alcohol to increase the value. 

Adhering  to  the  principle  of  "conscience  economy"  and  advocating  industrial upgrading,  FORTY-NINE UNION  is  a  growing  and  vigorous  enterprise  established 

by crowdfunding and innovation. 

Color—The identification of the color of white wine is to raise a glass by hand against the light or white cloth as a base, and observe the color, transparency, and presence of suspension and precipitation with the naked eye. The natural color in the liquor is mainly derived from the raw materials of the wine, and the original color of the raw materials should be kept as much as possible when brewing. Natural colors will give people a sense of freshness, purity, simplicity and nature, which is called orthodox in language description. Because wines are generally bright when viewed under normal light, the color and luster are perceived by human vision at the same time. Good wines are highly transparent like crystals, and good wines have a clear and transparent liquid phase. Observing and evaluating the color of wine is an important part of wine evaluation.

Fragrance-the aroma of liquor is felt through human sense of smell. When evaluating the smell, hold the wine glass about 7-10cm below the nose and smell the smell lightly. The aroma of wines has always been something that people pay attention to when evaluating wines. Generally, the aroma is strong and elegant. The aroma of wines is very complex. Different wines have different aromas. The aroma of the same wine will also change in various ways. People are generally used to evaluate the degree and characteristics of wines, indicating that the aromas of various different wines are Different terms. The expression of the aroma degree of the wine includes: no aroma, no aroma, slight aroma, insufficient aroma, fragrant, elegant, delicate, pure, rich and coordinated, complete, aromatic and other words; words describing the release of the aroma: violent Fragrance, fragrance, fragrance, mouth fragrance, back fragrance, after fragrance, long, etc.; used to describe abnormal smells: abnormal smell, odor, burnt gas, metallic gas, putrefaction gas, acid gas, mold gas, etc.

Taste-taste the most important part of wine, drink slowly and firmly at the entrance, so that the wine first touches the tip of the tongue, then both sides. Finally, at the root of the tongue, make the wine full of the tongue and make a comprehensive judgment of taste, mainly depending on whether the five tastes of "sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, and astringent" are coordinated and peaceful. The taste of wine is the most important evaluation criterion related to the quality of the wine. The sour taste gives people a mellow, refreshing and clean feeling; the sweet taste gives people a feeling of comfort, moisturizing, roundness, pureness and fullness; bitterness It is not inferior in some wines; a moderate amount of astringency can improve the quality of certain wines. The spicy taste in the wine is unwelcome, giving people a bad feeling such as punching and pungent nose. Salty taste is not the normal taste of wine, it is often caused by improper processing in production. Strange smell, also called peculiar smell, is a smell that shouldn't appear in wines. The cause is very complicated. Generally, it is oily, bran, and bad. All kinds of alcoholic products contain alcohol of different proportions, but all kinds of alcoholic products require the elimination of alcohol taste. Only the various tastes in the wine cooperate with each other, the taste is coordinated, the wine is rich, and the wine is soft. The taste can be called a delicious wine.

Body-wine body is an item of wine tasting, it is a comprehensive evaluation of wine color, aroma and taste, but it is not equal to wine style. The color, aroma and taste of the wine are dissolved in water and alcohol and combined with volatile and solid substances to form the whole wine. The evaluation of the wine is usually exquisite and mellow, with perfect body and elegant wine. The wine body is sweet and warm, the wine body is delicate, the wine body is thin, and the wine body is poor.

Style-The style of wine is an evaluation of the overall quality of wine, including color, aroma, taste and body. There are differences between each variety in the same type of wine, and the unique style of each wine should be stable. All kinds of expensive wines are all superior in quality and unique style, and are loved by the majority of drinkers. of. Appraisal of wine style using prominent, prominent, obvious, not prominent, unobvious, general and other words for evaluation

NET WEIGHT500ml/Bottle
STORAGE   CONDITIONSVentilated, Cool and   Dry
ORIGINKweichow Moutai Town
RAW MATERIALSWater, Sorghum, Wheat
EXECUTIVE   STANDARDGB/T26760(Gifted   class)






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