Acrylic and glass comparison

- May 10, 2020-

Plexiglass is now a very widely used material in coastal areas, but its application in the interior is still relatively small, and many people have a lot of misunderstandings about plexiglass. When it comes to plexiglass, many people will think of glass. In addition to being transparent, it is still very different from glass.

Plexiglass is a synthetic polymer with high zygosity, scientific name pmma, English name Acrylic, transliteration of acrylic, acrylic, acrylic, with high transparency and light weight and high toughness characteristics, commensurate with a wide range of uses, common There are tubes, rods, plates, and tube rods are cast and extruded. By adding pigments to the organic glass material, various colors of colored organic glass can be manufactured.

And ordinary glass is fragile, low toughness, and the main component is silica. Organic glass can basically replace ordinary glass, but ordinary glass is not competent for organic glass.