Aquarium design requirements

- May 25, 2020-

1 It is understood that in the communication between the designer and the aquarium construction, the aquarium design and construction are designed according to the general layout of the foreign or domestic aquarium; even the designer and the aquarium builder The internal structure, construction, layout, and water intake points are relatively vague, resulting in a lack of design.

2 In the design of the aquarium, the proportion of water in the face and the bottom is that it needs to be calculated according to the load of the object to allocate the proportion of water.

3 The flow rate must be strictly required in the aquarium design. This determines whether the environment in which the object lives can ensure comfort. It will also affect the water quality.

4 In the aquarium design, problems such as the ratio of mechanical filtration and object filtration should also be analyzed and considered. In the design process, it is necessary to consider how to arrange the equipment and fillers reasonably, which determines the water quality of the aquarium and the survival rate of objects.

5 Choose a suitable power equipment type. We need to choose the appropriate aquarium power equipment according to the characteristics of the life-support system. For example, reasonable choices in consideration of all aspects of the project can reduce operating costs and bring direct economic benefits to the aquarium.

6 Designed only in an aquarium, temperature is also a very important reference factor. A suitable equipment model should be selected for the aquarium. Here, the editor recommends a central hot water unit with low energy consumption and high thermal efficiency.

7 Water quality monitors and ozone matching applications in the aquarium design directly determine the water quality of the aquarium, so attention should also be paid to the choice of these two devices.