How to cut acrylic board better

- May 05, 2020-

The cutting method of acrylic board is actually not difficult, but if you want to operate it yourself, you must grasp the degree, and also pay attention to safety issues, be careful to cut, otherwise it is easy to get injured. Next, let's take a specific look at how to cut the acrylic board better.

1, use three to four new wallpaper blades, neatly superimposed together, and wrap the lower part with tape, it must be neatly arranged;

2, then use the tip of the back of the wallpaper knife head (the back of each blade has a small pocket) to mark the part you want to bend, be sure to equalize the strength, use a ruler to swipe Until it reaches 1/2-1/3 of the thickness of the acrylic plate;

3. After scoring the trough, use a hair dryer (change the wind to concentrate the wind) to blow, or you can use the wax to roast, do not bake. Then when I fold it, I fold it over. Because of the razor blade, the bend is straight.