How to identify the water quality in a fish tank

- Jun 05, 2020-

Fish can't live without water. As the saying goes, "Fish raises water first." Without good water, fish can't grow healthily, and they will die because of the poor water quality environment. As a senior fish farmer, you must know how to judge the quality of the water in the fish tank. Then make appropriate adjustments to provide a good water environment for the aquarium.

Since we have to judge the quality of the water in the fish tank, we must first figure out the standard of "good water". As the old saying goes, “water is clear, there is no fish”, but sewage cannot raise fish. In general, the water quality is clear, flexible and not greasy. It is not as thin and pure as pure water. It does not contain any other substances, and no water and fertilizer phenomena such as oil film, foam, protein bugs, and bacteria and algae outbreaks can occur.

At the same time, good water should be slightly watery, which is still a sign of cooked water. Fish farming first raises water, and water culture is to cultivate bacteria, not only to cultivate nitrifying bacteria, but also to raise other various microorganisms that are conducive to maintaining water quality. If the water in the fish tank is too pure, colorless and transparent, it means that the water is too thin and contains too few bacteria.

The water color is determined by the type and number of plankton in the water, which is mainly a variety of algae, such as diatoms, green algae, Euglena, cryptoalgae, dinoflagellates and so on. A good water color should be very light brown, yellowish green, oily green. If the water quality is grayish white, grayish yellow or dark brown, it means that the water quality is bad.


PS: There is another way to judge whether the water quality of the fish tank is good or not, that is to use your own nose. Good water should be odorless, or slightly fishy. And when the water quality exudes odor, strong behavior, and sour smell, it means that the water quality in the fish tank has deteriorated.