How to make wall acrylic fish tank?

- Aug 07, 2020-

The beautiful and generous wall acrylic fish tank is not only the focus of all fishermen, it has become a large category of home decorations, and it is also the most ornamental decoration in the home.

1. When we build, we must first determine the thickness of the wall. When we use them together, we use up to 18 walls, and the minimum thickness of 18 walls is about 20 cm. At the same time, we make sure that the wall to be replaced is not a reinforced concrete structure and that no pipes pass through the part to be replaced.

2. Let us first assume the size of the aquarium and then go through the hole in the wall. When we pass, we better pass more parts. After the wooden frame of the aquarium is inlaid, the excess part will be flat, and the frame will be seamlessly connected with the wall.


We should leave an extra switch position on the wall next to the acrylic fish tank, from the wire to the floor of the switch. Square, let's guide the slot inside the hole.

3. If the outer frame of the fish tank is fixed, the outer frame is embedded in the wall hole, and the outer frame is fixed on the outside of the wall hole with expansion screws, so that the outer frame and the wall can be flat.

4. If you want to glue a glass cylinder, it also includes filter area, filter rod, thermostat rod, ceiling lamp, pump and so on. Cover the upper part of the cylinder to prevent water vapor from overflowing, small fish jumping out of the cylinder, and insects crawling in. The top cover should be pulled up and secured by these cross bars.


5. About aquarium equipment: For fish farming-related equipment, the first thing to consider is the living environment of the fish. Especially in tropical fish farming, when the weather is getting colder, it is best to equip the corresponding heating device. In this way, its water temperature can be kept constant so that the fish can survive better.

The circulating water pump should also be selected according to the size of the pool water. Good equipment failure rate and very low noise. It is recommended to select the variable frequency pump according to the size of the water body to change the flow rate and select the appropriate flow rate. The oxygen pump is also a key electrical equipment for fish farming, especially when the water temperature rises in summer and the dissolved oxygen drops.