How to process acrylic?

- May 05, 2020-

Acrylic products are also called plexiglass products and have a wide range of applications in different industries. In our daily life, acrylic products are also everywhere. In recent years, acrylic processing technology has been constantly innovating and improving, so how to perform acrylic processing What about the following?

Acrylic processing generally chooses the laser cutting method, which can flexibly cut acrylic raw materials, can be cut into different shapes, can be cut into different fonts and patterns according to the needs of different customers, and can also be made into different furniture. In addition, laser cutting acrylic materials can also make different signs and trademarks, which can play a role in publicity in the advertising industry.

Acrylic processing is often used in the process of acrylic drilling. Acrylic itself has good processing characteristics. Using a laser cutting machine for drilling can achieve very high-precision drilling. You need to design the pattern on the computer before drilling. Then, the laser cutting machine is used to process and punch the acrylic material according to the design plan. It is very important to make the design plan in advance, which can reduce the occurrence of bad finished products.

Acrylic material itself has very good light transmittance, plexiglass processing factory can deeply polish acrylic, can improve the transparency of acrylic products, the surface of acrylic products after polishing will be very smooth, can improve the appreciation of acrylic products, through polishing Can make acrylic into crafts.

Acrylic processing can use hot bending production and processing technology. Acrylic materials will melt after being heated to a certain temperature. The shape of acrylic materials can be modified by heating to achieve different shapes of acrylic products. Hot bending technology can use different The method is realized. Generally, a hot bending machine and a shaping mold are used for hot bending processing. The angle of the hot bending can be adjusted according to the mold to achieve angle control, and then achieve different shapes of acrylic products to meet the needs of customers in different industries.