How to use acrylic borderless swimming pool

- Jun 25, 2020-

Compared with inflatable swimming pools, glass fiber reinforced plastic swimming pools, or other swimming pools made of other materials, acrylic borderless swimming pools are more popular with swimming pool operators for their advantages of safety, consolidation, durability, and beautiful appearance. So how to install acrylic infinity pool? What problems should be paid attention to in the application process, and how should it be maintained, cleaned and disinfected?

  In the swimming pool, the acrylic borderless swimming pool is favored by many investors because of its bright appearance, strong solidity and convenient use. In a swimming pool, there are often several different types of baby acrylic borderless swimming pools. These swimming pools are beautiful in appearance and give a very superior visual impression. But what are you paying attention to when using the acrylic borderless swimming pool? First of all, swimming pools made of acrylic materials cannot coexist with other organic solvents in the same place. Do not touch the organic solvent, because once you touch the surface of the acrylic borderless swimming pool, it may be damaged. Moreover, during the transportation process of the acrylic borderless swimming pool, the exterior maintenance film or maintenance paper must not be broken, because the complexity of the transportation process can easily affect the internal raw materials of the acrylic borderless swimming pool. Secondly, the operating temperature of the acrylic borderless swimming pool can not exceed 85 degrees Celsius, I believe this should be easy to do. Another thing is to clean the acrylic borderless swimming pool with only 1% of the fan water, and use a soft cotton cloth to dip the fan water.Do not wipe with a hard object or dry wipe, otherwise the acrylic borderless swimming pool surface is prone to scratches hurt. The thermal expansion coefficient of acrylic borderless swimming pools is relatively large, so it should be considered to reserve expansion and contraction gaps due to temperature changes. Acrylic borderless swimming pools only need to be used properly, and generally can be used for about 5 years. Therefore, in the process of real application, we should pay special attention to the above points. Investors are expected to enjoy the advantages brought by its advantages and better maintenance in the process of using the acrylic borderless swimming pool, so as to avoid the downwind of the acrylic borderless swimming pool.

   In fact, the installation process of the acrylic infinity pool is very simple. When installing an acrylic borderless swimming pool, the swimming pool should be laid flat on a solid, level ground or floor, not on a slanted ground. When installing, pay attention to the orientation of the faucet at the corner of the outer edge of the pool to ensure that the swimming pool can be realized with the faucet. Perfect docking.

  Secondly, we must select the correct water supply and sewer pipes, and the drainage pipe must have a slope to prevent unclean water drainage, resulting in a long time backlog of sewage and the announcement of odor. Warm reminder: After the installation of the acrylic borderless swimming pool, the silicone fixing needs 24 hours, so within 24 hours, do not use it. Wait until the structure is stable before using it.

Swimming pool operators should also pay attention to the fact that during the use of acrylic borderless swimming pools, flammable and explosive materials must not be accumulated in the vicinity, to avoid the swimming pools touching with paint, vaporizers, thinners and other strong organic solvents, causing the appearance to soften, dissolve, and crack Phenomenon, avoid close to sharp objects and chemicals, affect the service life of acrylic borderless swimming pool.

  Furthermore, in the daily operation process, the principle of putting cold water first and then hot water should be followed, and it should not be used in an environment above 80 degrees Celsius to prevent the high temperature from causing the deformation of the acrylic infant swimming pool. In addition, the daily maintenance work of the acrylic borderless swimming pool should also be done. You can rinse it with clean water or use a soft cloth plus fan or neutral detergent to clean the surface of the acrylic borderless swimming pool.