Market standard of 8mm acrylic board

- Jul 17, 2020-

Due to the stable quality and more reasonable price of 8mm acrylic board, it has been recognized by the industry and the sales volume in the market has increased. Therefore, neither the appearance nor the internal quality can be compared with new material products. However, due to the rapid growth of the market brought by the acrylic board conscience service and the slack product, the market standard of 8mm acrylic board is introduced in detail below.

1. The material is environmentally friendly

The recycled material of 8mm acrylic board is easier to dissolve in organic solvents than the new material board, which causes silver cracks. It is often seen in paint. Choose acrylic board (resin) can be purchased in general art stores. Polishing finish paints can be bought in general chemical workshops that choose amino paints. There are some small scratches or less obvious damage treatment on the surface of Plexiglas. Wet sanding is generally used. When the sanding paper ring moves, the fineness of the sandpaper gradually increases. After grinding with toothpaste. During the electrostatic treatment, the outer panel can easily adhere to dust. Before printing or filling with paint, use suede or a soft cloth colored with soapy water for cleaning.

2. The plate size and actual weight should be appropriate

Since the 8mm acrylic sheet is a small-scale original process, the manufacturer uses the template casting thickness and the thickness of the all-polymer glass plate to increase and increase, occupying more plate space, and then increasing the thickness of the same template from the thicker the finished product The smaller the size of the board. However, the acrylic board manufacturer only lists the total writing template size in the writing list, not the ultra-fine size board, which will make mistakes in product specifications, so the acrylic board manufacturer uses a weighing method to solve it.

       In short, the standard of the 8mm acrylic board market is that on the one hand, the material environmental protection meets the standard, on the other hand, the size and actual weight of the board should be appropriate. Acrylic board development grasps market problems in a timely manner, solves the problems, and better serves customers. Not only should sales customers pay attention to the new quotation of acrylic boards, so that innovation and price can do a good job in market development.