Matters needing attention after ordering acrylic fish tank

- May 01, 2020-

1. When purchasing a ready-made fish tank, make sure to check the samples and ask if the accessory equipment is included. Such as oxygen pumps, lighting lamps, thermometers, ornaments of flowers and plants in water, fish species, etc.

2. When tailor-made fish tank, the design style, size, thickness of acrylic sheet, etc. should be signed and approved by the acrylic aquarium manufacturer.

3. The price and quality of related equipment should be clear.

4. After-sales service should clarify terms and items. Such as the replacement cycle of seawater and the guaranteed time of fish survival.

5. Provide necessary feeding precautions. Such as fish food, temperature.

6. How to deal with an accident, etc.

Maintenance attention

Maintenance of marine fish tanks can be divided into different cycles.

Daily maintenance work Acrylic aquarium mainly includes: ① Check the water level height. Replenish the evaporated water in time to maintain the original water level. ②Check whether the configuration equipment is operating normally. ③ 2 baits. Guarantee 8 to 10 hours of light exposure. ④Check the water temperature. Maintain the proper temperature required by the fish. Check the health of the fish. The main thing is to see if the fish has any symptoms.

Maintenance work every 1-2 weeks are as follows: ① Change the water once. Only change 20% to 25% of water. ②Clean up the waste collected from the nitrogen generator. ③ Replace the filter ecological cotton. ④After changing the water, add seawater in time.

Maintenance work every 2 weeks to 1 month mainly includes: ① Check the level of nitrogen dioxide. ②Check the pH value. Should be maintained at 7.9 ~ 8.3. ③ According to the cleanliness of the fish tank, replace the activated carbon in the filter in an appropriate amount.

Maintenance work every six months to one year mainly includes: ①Replace plastic hoses. ②Replace the tubing of the ozone machine. ③ Replace part of the filter material