The use characteristics of the filter of the large fish tank

- May 01, 2020-

1. Gas lift biochemical cotton filter

Suck the biochemical cotton to the bottom and connect it with an air pump or a water pump. The flow of gas in the water drives the water to circulate in the biochemical cotton. Organic substances such as residual bait and biological excreta can be absorbed on the surface of the sponge.

Advantages: simple structure, low unit price, directly used in fish tank water.

2. Aquarium top filter

is a filtering device placed on top of the aquarium. The water in the aquarium is pumped into the filter box where the filter layer has been placed by a small pump, and the water flows back through the filter layer back into the aquarium, thereby removing impurities contained in the water and purifying the water quality.

Advantage: It can make full use of the space on the top of the aquarium, and it is convenient for daily maintenance operation, maintenance and cleaning.

3. Barrel external filter

Generally, the closed barrel filter is placed outside the fish tank container, and different filter materials can be placed for different effects according to different needs.

Advantages: It does not take up space, is beautiful, and has low noise. It can be placed in a large number of filter villages, and the filter effect is good.

4. Fish tank filter with shape

Multifunctional filtering device adopting emerging technologies such as invisible filtering device and ecological imitation principle, its internal comprehensive use of imitation ecological filtration principle, the external design has a beautiful shape can decorate the fish tank, directly placed on the bottom of the fish tank for use.

Advantages: In addition to filtering and supplementing oxygen, it can decorate the fish tank, does not affect the viewing, and uses the principle of imitation ecological filtration. The filtering effect is good, and the maximum time can extend the water change time