What are the benefits of swimming in the 'infinity pool' for a long time?

- Aug 12, 2020-

It is necessary to use the tidal changes of the sea to create the visual effect of the water extending to the horizon indefinitely, and to maximize the hydrophilic experience. The infinity pool is treated with membrane technology to make the water clear and bottomless, and swimmers can stroll in it and enjoy the purity of the soul.

Now there are two kinds of infinity swimming pools: one is named according to the scene: connecting the seaside or the roof to form a counter-current style, making the swimming pool look like there is no edge, so it is called an infinite swimming pool.

There is also a new infinity swimming pool, the principle of which makes people feel unable to swim through the resistance of the current. For example, the Charles de Gaulle infinity swimming pool forms a directional flow through a special hydraulic propulsion device. Swimmers swim against the current in the pool to achieve the purpose of swimming, similar to a treadmill. Due to the push of the current, swimmers cannot swim to the edge of the pool.

Benefits of infinity pool:

First, the best way to exercise. Since human beings take exercise as an effective means to improve health, training and improve physical and mental quality, experts always recommend swimming as the best exercise, because all parts of the body in swimming are put into proper In the sport, this is beneficial, but not beneficial. One disadvantage is that.

Second, the longest exercise life span, from birth to the end of life, swimming can be used as a fitness exercise method, regardless of age, gender, physical condition, or even disability, can benefit from swimming exercise. Swimming is a lifelong healthy exercise.


Third, the best aerobic training, deep breathing, the muscles, joints, ligaments and nerves of all parts of the body are involved in the exercise, is the biggest feature of swimming, and because of water resistance, people are in the best range of aerobic metabolism, the largest Absorb oxygen to a limit. Regular swimming exercise will build a kind heart for you and benefit you throughout your life.

Fourth, the safest and most stable way to exercise. Once you have mastered the swimming technique, flexible water will give you the safest guarantee. Swimming is the most personalized, free, least traumatic and safest of all physical exercises. There is no exercise that can maintain a supine posture better than swimming. This position allows blood to flow to the whole body after each heart beat, and circulate again and again to avoid the negative effects of upright movement.

The principle of infinity pool:

The infinite swimming pool uses laminar flow thrusters to push the water flow, and the water flow power can be adjusted freely, making you feel like you are swimming in a truly infinite space!

The water flow system of the infinity swimming pool is composed of a laminar flow propulsion device and a water circulation system. The laminar flow propulsion device can produce a maximum flow of approximately 17 cubic meters per minute, which is equivalent to the complete circulation and flow of the entire infinity swimming pool in one minute.

The powerful water outlet and super large backwater outlet installed at the bottom of the infinity swimming pool ensure the normal circulation of the water flow in the infinity swimming pool and make the water flow in the swimming pool stable and powerful. Swimming in the infinity swimming pool seems to be swimming forward in very deep water. Encounter anything. Dangers such as whirlpools or huge waves.