What is cast acrylic sheet? What are the characteristics?

- Nov 12, 2020-

Acrylic cast plate is formed by casting and cooling in the production process of plate. Therefore, it is named pouring plate. The visible light transmittance of the cast plate is as high as 92%, and the weather resistance and yellowing resistance are good.

Features of the cast board:

1. High transparency. When distinguishing the acrylic extruded board, the edge of the cast board has no pitting, and the edge is very transparent and smooth. Generally, the surroundings of the cast board are covered with glue film. This is due to the cast board. It is a link in the production process.

2. In the process of making acrylic products, the cast board has its unique advantages and disadvantages. The casting plate supports 1.83M*1.22M and 2.44M*1.22M in the process of making acrylic products, and the tolerance of the acrylic crafts made by the casting plate will increase as the thickness of the acrylic crafts casting plate increases (2mm±0.5 mm, 4mm±0.6mm, 5mm±0.7mm, 6mm±0.8mm, 7mm±1mm), the thickness tolerance above 8mm is even greater.

3. There will be no holes in the pouring plate during the engraving machine processing.

4. When the acrylic pouring board is tapped by hand, it makes a bang sound, which is different from PS board, PC board, etc.