What kind of 'ocean theme restaurant design' is more attractive?

- Aug 19, 2020-

In the project, in addition to controlling the overall decoration style, layout and interior furnishings, the concept of ocean is also displayed through the restaurant's brand and logo design. By combining the theme of the ocean with clean lines, it outlines an open and transparent free space, full of mystery and charm, and it is worth sitting down and savoring.

Tips for ocean theme restaurant design:

The main entrance area of the restaurant is mainly in the shape of black lacquered arched windows, with large areas of transparent glass, which can increase light, and the appearance of the dining space is more beautiful, making guests feel comfortable and friendly, and enhancing attractiveness. At the entrance of the restaurant, the designer used romantic and artistic conjoined figures, applied them to the 3D decoration and the iron handles of the door, to create an eye-catching brand image while leading guests into the restaurant.

Entering the restaurant, a strong and mysterious atmosphere poured down from the deep sea. The color of the entire space is mainly black and sky blue, with black top treatment, matte black tiles on the ground, and large area of wall decoration in blue, reminiscent of the vast scene of the sky and the sea. In the dining area, the designer only uses black and white tiles to place decorations, but the artistic patterns on each tile make the entire space unique and full of flexibility.


The use of transparent and barrier-free space structures and simple straight lines can create a free and random sensory experience of the ocean world. But only one side of the service bar uses three-dimensional curved decorative lines, showing a regular and orderly arrangement, just like ocean waves and undercurrents, adding a dynamic space.

The sofa in the dining area continues the dark tones of the calm atmosphere, while being separated from the main colors of blue and black, enriching the expression of the space. The ocean-themed photo wall, anchors, boat-shaped chandeliers, oil drum benches... these ocean-related symbols are subtly transformed into restaurant design, and the penetration of details and themes enhances the overall sense of space.

History and culture can be integrated into the design of ocean theme restaurants:

Since the design positioning of a restaurant is closely related to business operations, the design of a restaurant must have a complete theme in order to quickly and accurately grasp the different cultural needs of each design object. Design can help designers find their different themes and strengthen the themes and culture of space design. This article makes a bold new discussion on the interpretation of traditional culture in modern dining space design, breaking the tradition, discarding the monotonous and outdated decorative techniques in traditional culture, and using abstract and concise shapes and rich theme connotations. Food and aesthetics are intertwined, and through attractive color combinations, it produces strong visual impact and psychological resonance.

Folklore features can be incorporated into the design of ocean theme restaurants:

According to folklore, there are more restaurant designs as themed decoration. In the vast geographical space of our country, there is a northeastern country style dining space design with the theme of earth kang, earthen wall and dog skin hat in the north, tropical style design with coconut and ocean as the theme in the south, and yellow corn and big pepper in the west. And other decorative elements as the theme, the East has ancient Shanghai style elements. design. The space design with the theme of regional folklore reflects the profound culture in people's memory and personality. Through decoration design, space design uses modern methods to recall the good old days.

The good ideas generated by the design of the ocean theme restaurant do not depend on the trend, but satisfy the people living in this trend. She keeps the space as transparent as possible, using colors and light to interweave the space. When guests eat in a "steamed" restaurant and enjoy a feast for their taste buds, they will feel that they will linger in the sea and look at the blue sky.