$52 Million Worth! James Buys New Hollywood Mansion With Acrylic Infinity Pool And Sky Garden

- Jun 16, 2020-

According to the US media "ClutchPoints", the Lakers superstar LeBron James recently invested heavily in Hollywood to buy a luxury villa worth up to 52 million US dollars (about 368 million yuan).

The villa is located in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, overlooking almost the entire city of Los Angeles, known as Los Angeles "best observation deck."

This mansion has an open-air acrylic infinity pool, and there is a luxurious Kang lounge in the middle of the pool. Sitting in this lounge, you can have a panoramic view of Los Angeles! The entire mansion also has sky garden, media room, lounge, bar, gym, golf simulator, billiard room, cigar room, wine cellar and other entertainment and leisure facilities.