A 'Big Mac' Aquarium In The World, Cost 290 Million US Dollars To Build, There Are More Than 3000 Kinds Of Fish Alone

- Jul 01, 2020-

A "Big Mac" aquarium in the world, cost 290 million US dollars to build, there are more than 3000 kinds of fish alone

Many people mention marine life, and the first thing that should come to mind is some aquariums, and no matter which city is large or small, there are many aquariums. These aquariums have some marine life that we don’t usually see. When we walk into the aquarium, we will all sigh in the wonders of the marine world, so today I will take you to take a look at the largest aquarium in the world. Like the "Pa", it cost 290 million US dollars to build, there are more than 3000 kinds of fish alone!


This giant aquarium is the Georgia Aquarium. This aquarium is near a park in the United States. In this aquarium, you can see various coral reefs and countless oceans. Creatures, especially some undersea creatures, can't even be seen in many other large aquariums, such as the most classic whale shark, where you can see it.


The construction of this "Big Mac" aquarium cost a total of 290 million US dollars. The whole aquarium is based on the theme of blue. Of course, it is to highlight the color of the ocean. There are more than 60 large and small aquariums here. In addition to a variety of rare fishes, the most worth mentioning is coral reefs. There is a Pacific Great Barrier Reef here, which has nearly three or four thousand species of fish and more than 500 kinds of coral reefs.


These artificially raised coral reefs can basically completely replace wild corals, and here you can also see hundreds of gallons of live corals that are almost impossible to see elsewhere. When you come to this aquarium, it seems that you have entered a Like the real underwater world, facing all kinds of fish and coral reefs, not only sigh, humans are really small.


Of course, if you want to manage such a huge aquarium, the project is quite large, because the staff here carefully cleans the viewing glass every day, and then feeds the fish and these corals, and also regularly Dedusting coral reefs, especially the water quality here is also very demanding.


However, for the people here, as long as they can protect these cute little lives, even if they are hard and tired, it is worthwhile for them. Of course, here, in addition to seeing a variety of fish and shapes In addition to various coral reefs, you can also see the performance of these underwater creatures, and you can also feed these fish up close. And this aquarium is also a must-visit place for some ocean lovers, because it also provides a communication and research platform for these ocean lovers, so that they can get the best understanding of this magical underwater world here, so if there is Chance, be sure to check it out here!