Acrylic Board Advantages

- May 15, 2020-

1. Strong impact resistance and rich colors

Acrylic door panel has strong impact resistance, generally sixteen times that of ordinary glass, and is particularly suitable for installation in areas where safety is required. In addition, it is rich in color and gorgeous, and other materials can not afford the brightness of beauty. Because of its variety, and has excellent comprehensive performance.

2. Easy maintenance and strong plasticity

Acrylic board is easy to maintain and easy to clean. If it is rain water, it can be cleaned by itself, or it can be cleaned by scrubbing with soap and soft cloth. In addition, the acrylic board has strong plasticity, its shape changes greatly, and it is easy to form.

3. Good transparency and strong light transmission

The transparency and transparency of the acrylic sheet are very good, which can reach more than 92%. This is because the production process in the production process can ensure the transparency and pure whiteness of the sheet.

4. Hardness

Mention acrylic sheet, the first reaction of many people is to think of its hardness. Indeed, the hardness of acrylic sheet is one of the hardness indicators to measure its quality, and it is also an important manifestation of its production process and technical advantages and disadvantages.

Good acrylic plate hardness index can reach Rockwell hardness value around 89 degrees on average. In addition, the adaptability of the acrylic board is particularly good, especially in the environment of sunlight, wind and rain, and its anti-aging performance is good, so it can be used outdoors with peace of mind.