Acrylic Fish Tank Cleaning Method

- May 10, 2020-

How to clean the acrylic fish tank, the usual acrylic fish tank internal filter system includes the following components: filter cotton, biochemical cotton, glass ring (mainly including ceramic ring and biological stone) and activated carbon (ammonia stone, maifan stone, etc.). It can be seen from these basic accessories that a complete filtration system is relatively complicated for sealing and installation performance. The key point is that multiple cleanings are not conducive to protecting the nitrifying bacteria inside the cleaning system. Because the main water quality cleaning work depends on their help. When we choose acrylic fish tank water quality clean filter material, we should choose high quality and relatively high price products.

Let's talk briefly about the cleaning of the internal filter cotton of acrylic fish tanks with everyone. Pay attention to the frequency, try to do one cleaning thoroughly, and avoid repeatedly cleaning and destroying the nitrifying bacteria. Our most important thing is physical filtration. Specifically, we are mainly responsible for cleaning large solid residues, so the filter cotton is particularly easy to get dirty. Generally use the opportunity of changing water to filter cotton around and repeat rinsing.