Advantages Of Using Ozone In Swimming Pools

- May 20, 2020-

According to regulations or specifications, the ozone treatment device is set up according to the design regulations for water supply and drainage of swimming pools and water upstream pools in the acrylic swimming pool project, and is used in some public swimming pools, high-end hotels, schools, community swimming pools, etc. With the increasing awareness of personal hygiene and safety protection, ozone treatment of swimming pool water technology will be widely used.

Ozone and its secondary products (such as hydroxyl) have the strongest bactericidal and virus-inactivating effects, which can effectively prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Experiments have shown that the same concentration of ozone kills bacteria and viruses at 600 -3000 times. At an ozone concentration of 1 mg/l, the inactivation of fecal E. coli takes only 5 seconds, and the same concentration of chlorine takes 15000 seconds to achieve the same effect. Ozone is an internationally recognized environmentally friendly green fungicide that will not cause any secondary pollution to the environment, and chlorine preparations will react with organic matter in water to produce a variety of chlorinated organic compounds, such as chloroform, chloroform and other harmful substances.

In the acrylic swimming pool project, when people swim, these toxic substances will be absorbed by the body (in the water, the body can absorb 500 ml of water per hour). Chlorinated organic compounds in water can also irritate people's eyes and skin, causing red eyes and rashes. Chlorinated organic compounds and chlorine and other toxic gases that evaporate from the water accumulate above the swimming pool and are not easy to dissipate. They damage people's respiratory organs and seriously affect people's health. The use of ozone does not cause such problems at all. Hypochlorous acid and its derivatives produced by adding chlorine seriously corrode the water treatment system and the equipment and structures in the hall such as grid racks and heating. Ozone is the strongest oxidant, which can effectively decompose humus in water, oxidize iron and manganese ions in water, and decompose tiny organisms that scatter light in water, thereby greatly improving the clarity of swimming pool water in the acrylic swimming pool project, making the water appear beautiful Blue, but chlorine preparations have no such effect. In order to make the water blue, swimming pools using chlorine preparations often need to add copper sulfate, which is extremely harmful to people. After adding the chlorine preparation, it will inevitably lead to the change of the pH value of the water, which makes people feel uncomfortable, so it is necessary to add alkaline or acidic substances to neutralize. Ozone is a neutral substance and does not cause such problems. Ozone can ensure the stability of the water quality during high passenger flow and high temperature seasons. When the temperature and passenger flow are large, the water quality is often poor. At this time, if a chlorine preparation is used, it needs to be added in large quantities, which will bring a series of side effects, such as Changes in pH, irritation to the respiratory tract and the human body, etc.; and the addition of large amounts of ozone has no such side effects. The use of an ozone generator can greatly reduce the difficulty of management and operation of the water treatment process. At the same time, the ozone generator has high safety, and the chlorine preparation has certain risks during transportation, storage, and use. Ozone can decompose organic matter in water and has micro-flocculation, so under normal passenger flow, no flocculant can be used. Under certain conditions of use, such as countercurrent circulation, without the use of activated carbon filter tanks, there is no need to add chlorine preparations, flocculants, pH adjusters, and ozone can be used as the only agent for water treatment.