Basic Characteristics Of Large Acrylic Fish Tank

- May 10, 2020-

Large acrylic fish tank is a high-grade aquarium product. The large acrylic fish tank has both good surface hardness and gloss, large plasticity for processing, and a large variety of plates with rich colors (including translucent color plates). Another feature of acrylic plates is that thick plates can still maintain high transparency. The use of acrylic is great.

Basic characteristics of large acrylic fish tank:

1. The acrylic fish tank has good weather resistance and acid and alkali resistance.

2. The insulation performance of acrylic fish tank is excellent.

3. The acrylic fish tank has good light transmittance, which can reach more than 92%, the required light intensity is small, and the electric energy is saved.

4. Acrylic fish tank has strong impact resistance, which is 16 times that of ordinary glass.

5. Acrylic fish tank has a long service life. Compared with other material fish tanks, the service life is longer than three years.

6. Acrylic has light weight, which is half as light as ordinary glass, and the load on buildings and supports is small.

7. Acrylic fish tanks are colorful and bright, which is incomparable to other materials.

8. Acrylic fish tank has strong plasticity, large changes in shape and easy processing.

9. Convenient maintenance, easy to clean, rainwater can be cleaned naturally, or scrub with soap and soft cloth.

10. Acrylic sheet has excellent weather resistance, higher nominal softness and appearance gloss and worse low temperature performance.

11. The abrasion resistance of acrylic sheet is on the verge of aluminum. It is resistant to the corruption of various chemical materials from time to time.