How To Classify Acrylic Fish Tank In Life

- May 10, 2020-

Acrylic fish tanks are also used by more and more people in our lives. Now we are cultivating fish to relieve stress in life, or to enjoy life by a hobby. Nowadays, most of the fish tanks are made of colorful acrylic materials, because acrylic materials can be made into various shapes and products, and there are many kinds of plates with rich colors (including translucent color plates) and high transparency. It has a light transmittance of 92%, and has the reputation of "plastic crystal", so it can be used to make beautiful and safe acrylic crafts, such as acrylic fish tanks, acrylic display cabinets, acrylic photo frames, jewelry boxes and so on. Did you know the classification of acrylic fish tanks? Today, I will give you the specific divisions as follows:

1. According to the type of material: ordinary glass, float glass, tempered glass, acrylic glass, organic glass.

2. According to the structure: rectangular, single arc, double arc, round, semi-circular, wavy, spherical, cylindrical, circular, conical, U-shaped cylinder, bullet, etc.

3. According to appearance art: Chinese style, European style; modern, classical.

4. According to water quality: sea water tank, fresh water tank.

5. According to the biological components: fish tank, grass tank, coral tank, turtle tank, ecological tank, etc.

6. According to the installation method: screen cylinder, ceiling-mounted cylinder, wall-mounted cylinder, wall-mounted cylinder, corner cylinder, window cylinder, desktop cylinder, etc.

7. According to size: large tank (Aquarium), small tank (aquarium), household fish tank, mini tank (mini tank), etc.