How To Judge The Lack Of Oxygen In The Aquarium

- Jun 08, 2020-

Many breeders have sentenced them to "death" while buying fish or grass. how to say? Because many breeders lack knowledge of aquariums, of course, they often do not know who to ask. In fact, fish farming is very simple; as long as you have a little basic knowledge, anyone can successfully raise fish. Next, I will give you a brief introduction.

How to judge the lack of oxygen in the fish tank:

In a simple way, as long as you see the fish continuously floating (the fish has been floating on the water), this is already a serious lack of oxygen. Of course, the temperature increases or the carbon dioxide concentration is too high. Too high ph value produces toxic ammonia, which will cause oxygen deficiency.

There are other man-made situations that can also cause insufficient oxygen:

1. Feeding too many creatures

2. Damage to the air machine

3. The filter gas does not move

4. Overfeeding

5. The temperature of the heater is set too high

6. Excessive dosage when using medicine

7. Exposure to sunlight without protection

These may cause the lack of oxygen in the aquarium, which are all precautions we should have when feeding.


When we can't see whether there is a lack of oxygen with our eyes, another magic weapon is the use of oxygen measuring agents. Aquariums generally sell a lot of test agents "O2" that can be used to learn about dissolved oxygen. The description of the test agent can clearly know what value should be in your fish tank to be normal. Within a few minutes, you can know the dissolved oxygen in the aquarium. When should I test:

1. Add a lot of fish

2. The filter gas has not been washed for a long time

3. When the temperature rises

4. When many fish die

5. 6 hours after using the heater

6. When the fish floats

7. Under normal circumstances, when the water plants cannot perform photosynthesis