How To Maintain The Acrylic Swimming Pool

- Jun 02, 2020-

Method one, we can use milk to remove the odor if we remove the odor in the children's swimming pool. The specific method is that we can first clean the swimming pool with detergent, and then pour the right amount of fresh milk in the children’s pool, and then use a brush to stir, so that every corner of the children’s pool can be soaked with fresh milk. This method of deodorizing fresh milk is a bit extravagant. I hope you can choose according to your actual situation.

Method two, the second method to remove children's swimming pool is to use orange peel to remove odor. The specific method is to first clean the children’s swimming pool with detergent, this is the first step, then put in clean water, then sprinkle fresh orange peel in the clean water, soak for 4 hours, and then brush the children’s play pool Just right.

Method three, if you want to remove the stains on the children's swimming pool, we only need to wipe the stained areas of the children's swimming pool with a towel dipped in toothpaste, so that we can easily remove the stains on the pool.

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