How To Strengthen The Acrylic Fish Tank

- May 01, 2020-

What is the reinforcement of acrylic fish tank? How should it be reinforced? Many people do not understand, but those who know want to reinforce, because we know that the acrylic fish tank is more stable after reinforcement, so that it will make it safer when ensuring ornamental. The company introduces and introduces several fish tank reinforcement methods for you:

(1) Upper lacing: One or several glass strips with a width of about 5 cm are horizontally and horizontally bonded in the middle of the upper opening of the acrylic fish tank. The purpose is to fix the front and rear cylinder walls to prevent the bursting of the acrylic fish tank and the deformation of the upper opening. On the top of the acrylic fish tank, it looks like the word "day" or "head".

(2) Posting a post; a glass strip of about 5 cm horizontally glued at a distance of about 10 cm from the upper opening of the four walls of the acrylic fish tank, forming a vertical relationship with the tank wall, forming a stable triangular structure, the purpose is to prevent deformation of the upper opening . The top of the top strip is also commonly used to bond the top strip.

(3) Internal reinforcement: used for large acrylic fish tanks. A glass strip of about 4 cm glued in the angle between the two glass joints is to increase the bonding surface and enhance the tensile force.

(4) External reinforcement; the width of the glass strip bonded to the outside of the seam of the front and rear walls of the acrylic fish tank and the horizontal head is usually determined by the width of the metal corner for decoration.