Ocean Park Introduces Acrylic Glass Technology To Enrich The Content

- Jun 21, 2020-



In the mysterious and deep 180° Shark Bay Submarine Tunnel, three or five groups of marine fish are colorful and shuttle back and forth in the marine life display area built with acrylic glass. world".

   "Compared with the previous generation Ocean Park, the third generation Ocean Park introduced acrylic glass technology, which enabled the construction of a large-capacity biological exhibition area." Zhang Zheng, Assistant Chairman of Wuyishan Polar Ocean Park, introduced. Acrylic glass is a kind of molecular material with high plasticity. Compared with ordinary glass, it has better transparency, stability and weather resistance, and has better compression resistance. It is used to build a marine life display area and increase the area of the exhibition area. On the basis, it can withstand stronger pressure, so it can accommodate larger water bodies and display a richer variety of marine life.

"The volume of this cylindrical seawater tank is currently the largest in China, with a diameter of 5 meters and a height of 9 meters. It can accommodate nearly two hundred cubic meters of artificial seawater. We will show marine fish of different survival depths here." In front of the giant cylindrical seawater tank of "Dinghai Shenzhen", Zhang Zheng introduced the difference between Wuyishan Polar Ocean Park and other marine parks in our province: the construction of large-capacity water containers changed the window display style of traditional ocean parks and introduced the "Polar" The concept, on the basis of displaying various fish and marine mammals, adds polar bears, arctic wolves, arctic foxes, penguins and other animals from the polar regions.