The World's Four Largest Sky Pools

- Jun 15, 2020-

Friends who like swimming

What to do if you are tired of all kinds of traditional swimming pools?

Want something new and exciting?

Various brain-opening swimming pools

They are unique and subvert the tradition

You can even say that one is more thrilling than one novel!


Infinity London 360° infinity pool

Compass Pools

Built the world's first 360-degree infinity pool in London

The four side walls and bottom of the swimming pool are transparent

You can look around the London skyline in 360 degrees

I just want to swim in it

It's not that simple

You have to be brave

The swimming pool is on the top floor of a 55-story building

About 200 meters above the ground

The swimming pool can hold 600,000 liters of water

But a lot of problems followed

For example, what material can be used to ensure the stability of the swimming pool sidewall and bottom?

How to ensure the high transparency of the material?

How to control the water level? How to prevent spillover?

The design uses cast acrylic

This material can transmit light of similar wavelength to water

So it looks more thorough than glass

Also easier to clean

Even pedestrians can see the sky from below

Is it shocking?

The bottom of the swimming pool is also made of high permeability acrylic material

The situation in the swimming pool can also be observed from the bottom

And for the water level problem

The designer uses an anemometer to monitor the wind speed at any time

Adjust water level according to wind speed

This will ensure that the water does not overflow the pool

In addition, you don’t have to worry about cold and hot

The designer uses a heat exchanger to heat the water in the pool

Also associated with the building management system in the computer

To ensure that the water temperature is always appropriate

Then the question is coming again, how to get in?

Everyone guessed many ways

Is it possible to rebound through the installation of the machine on the roof of the next door?

Or slide in with a slideway device

There is also a cooler way

Drop in by helicopter like James Bond?

No, No, No, none

Designer Alex Kemsley

Came up with a brand new solution

They are based on the principle of submarines

Designed a transport cabin to send people to the pool

Afterwards, the transport cabin automatically dives and sinks

It's so cool...

In addition, this pool is equipped with various high-tech

It's too romantic

All-round lighting around the transparent swimming pool

Can change various colors at night

Make the swimming pool shine


Pulpit Rock cliff pool

Speaking of Pulpit Rock, everyone must be familiar with

It is a fjord tourist sign of Norway

604 meters high sermon

It's a cliff cliff straight into the fjord

It is a sign of the brave

There are no protective measures on the edge of the cliff

Even so

Tens of thousands of people still visit the platform every year

But what is even more jaw-dropping is

A studio in Hayri Atak, Turkey

To build a five-story hotel on the edge of the cliff

And has a super thrilling hanging pool

The hotel retains the characteristics of the sermon

On the top floor is a large viewing platform

Can hold about 100 people

And this viewing platform is also the only entrance to the hotel

The hotel has nine rooms

There is also a restaurant cafe

The most attractive part of the hotel is

Each floor has a curved external balcony

Each balcony is connected to the cliff

Like hanging in mid-air

Panoramic view of the canyon opposite

The balcony on the bottom floor has been extended

A rectangular transparent swimming pool

As if completely suspended in the valley

At the other end of its pool

The designer reinforced with only two steel cables

Does it look exciting and handsome~

Think about how it feels to swim in it?

More than 600 meters high

Xiaobian Guang sees here

I felt trembling~

But it’s worth seeing such a magnificent view


The Sky Glass-bottom Pool

A luxury apartment building in Texas

There is a unique swimming pool

The building has 40 floors

The swimming pool is more than 150 meters above the ground

Even standing on the edge feels scary

It makes people feel terrified!

The swimming pool on the roof of this apartment

Part of it extends out of the roof

And the bottom is completely transparent

You can see the street under your head

Well, exciting enough! !

Looking at the people in the pool from the street

As if floating in the air

Therefore, the pool in this building is also called the sky pool~

This part of the extended pool is 20 cm thick

One-time integral molding installation

Can guarantee the safety of swimmers~

But that's it

Really swim, enmmm...

But it’s hard to experience the sky pool

Because this pool is not open to the public

Only residents of the building have the right to experience

But there are still many local tyrants

I bought a house for the swimming pool


Sky Pool

An apartment by the river in south London

Known as "the world's first" transparent glass swimming pool

By Terry Farrell and others

Several major world top architect teams completed the fencing

The biggest feature of the swimming pool is that it spans two buildings

It is 27 meters long and ten stories above the ground

Swimmers can just see the view of the street below through the bottom of the pool

The experience is absolutely unique

Became a bridge between two ten-story apartments

Some netizens laughed and said

People who live here want to come together

You can swim to the next unit to open a swimsuit Party~