What Are The Advantages Of Acrylic Swimming Pool

- May 20, 2020-

The official name of the acrylic baby swimming pool is glass fiber reinforced plastic swimming pool (acrylic is a homonym for English ACRYLIC). The surface material of the acrylic swimming pool project is methyl propyl methyl ester, which is covered with glass fiber on the reverse side and coated with special resin reinforcement. Acrylic swimming pool project The entire swimming pool should be uniform in color, smooth in surface, without delamination, air bubbles, etc. The thickness of the surface layer is generally more than 3 mm, and it is firmly combined with glass fiber without peeling.   

Acrylic swimming pools have slow heat transfer, so they have good thermal insulation, and there is no "cold" feeling on the body surface. Compared with a cast iron or steel plate swimming pool, it has a more "warm and soft" feeling and does not hurt the body. Due to the better reprocessing performance of acrylic, it is none other than the luxury massage pool.  

The bottom of the acrylic swimming pool project should be covered with yellow sand cement paste during installation. It cannot be emptied or only rely on a few support points to avoid breaking. During use, prevent sharp and hard objects from rubbing and rubbing. When cleaning, use soft cloth and detergent to gently wipe, and avoid using scouring pads. Once you find that there is rubbing, wipe it with a soft cloth and toothpaste to restore gloss.