XIAMEN ZONESU TECHNOLOGY AND ENGINEERING CO., LTD. is a professional specialized in providing overall solutions for the design and construction of acrylic sheet, art fish tanks, and aquarium landscape engineering for customers in large-scale aquarium engineering, aquarium viewing industry, high-end hotel industry, and marine entertainment industry---Aquarium Engineering Company. The company uses casting technology to produce acrylic, and adopts the seamless splicing method of body polymerization to make large fish tanks, so as to ensure that the fish tanks have strong adhesion, overall transparency, beautiful appearance and high transparency! And according to customer requirements, to undertake ornamental fish tank, ecological fish tank, aquarium fish tank, fish tank aquarium, cylindrical fish tank, shaped fish tank and other large-scale fish tank customized.

Our factory covers an area of more than 56,000 square meters, with the staff members of nearly 200 and yearly production of about 2500 tons. Thanks to our professional design and construction teams, we have made serviced many customers in acrylic projects in China mainland.With the stable quality and the competitive price, the brand of "ZONESU" has been becoming first choice of customers.Pursue excellence, Keep enterprising,we strive to create an international Well-known brand in the aquarium industry.

ZONESU was founded in 2015. After years of development, we have established a professional aquarium engineering company-XIAMEN ZONESU TECHNOLOGY AND ENGINEERING CO., LTD., which now has a number of innovative planning teams, rigorous construction and installation teams and Perfect after-sales service is one of the earliest professional companies in China that mainly focuses on aquarium landscape engineering. It has now successfully led the industry in the country. The company continuously absorbs and learns the design and construction technology of advanced aquariums at home and abroad, and has accumulated experience in many successful cases. We have our own acrylic production and processing base, complete processing equipment, production technology has reached the leading level at home and abroad, so as to ensure the competitive advantage of high quality and low price, cylindrical fish tank product specifications are complete, the thickness can be produced in 100mm ~ 600mm, Various acrylic flat plates, curved plates, S-shaped plates, etc. with a length of 12000mm and a width of 3300mm can provide various landscape walls, modeling plates, tunnel plates for various landscape projects, and can be cast, cut and constructed according to the terrain and other requirements Haiyao Aquarium has mature and professional construction experience in the field of aquarium landscape engineering, and can provide customers with a full range of services such as terrain inspection, modeling design, construction and post-maintenance.

The development trend of ethnic landscape engineering is large-scale (large water volume, large viewing area, large breeding animals), oceanization (mainly breeding marine fish and mollusks), diversified shapes (square, curved, round, Alien), which makes the aquarium landscape more ornamental and trendy!

Based on this trend, ZONESU provides overall solutions for large and super large acrylic aquarium landscape projects for marine aquariums, waterscape promenades, leisure clubs, hotels, plazas, office buildings, tunnel projects, and acrylic performance pools. And has mature design and construction experience in this area, and has exceeded the standards of today's industry in terms of safety, aesthetics and life cycle.