Custom Corner Large Acrylic Fish Tanks / Large Acrylic Glass Aquariums

Custom Corner Large Acrylic Fish Tanks / Large Acrylic Glass Aquariums

Raw Material: 100% Imported Lucite
Thickness Capicity: 50-600mm
Tensile Strength: 80Mpa
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Our company not only provides users with advanced technology and high-quality Acrylic Aquarium Cube, Acrylic Cylinder Tank Fish Aquariums, Acrylic Fish Tank Tube, but also pays attention to and captures the needs of customers wholeheartedly. With the corporate philosophy of 'pioneering and innovative, perfection, honesty and pragmatism', we cultivate professional talents who are 'proactive, united, cooperative, and brave to innovate'. We are always committed to the all-round management of 'creating excellence and sharing brilliance', vigorously promote brand building, implement international business strategy, and keep pace with the times. We promise that our company would provide predominant products, first-class professional service and comprehensive technical consultation. Continue on to further improve, to make sure product top quality in line with market and consumer standard requirements.

Xiamen Zonesu Technology and Engineering Co., Ltd. Offers good stability , good transparency, chemical stability, has excellent weather resistance, beautiful appearance , easy to dye , easy to process, high surface hardness and surface gloss acrylic products, Our company is a successful acrylic product supplier and aquarium engineering builder. We have been committed to the chemical industry and its aquarium industry for many years. We will provide you with quality services and competitive prices.

We are expecting to become your long-term partner in China.

PMMA has the advantages of light weight, low price and easy molding. Its molding methods include casting, injection molding, machining, thermoforming, etc. In particular, injection molding, which can be mass-produced, has a simple process and low cost. Therefore, its application has become more and more extensive, and is widely used in aquarium construction.




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P0001 (11)

P0001 (16)

P0001 (18)

The advantages of Acrylic Fish Tank Aquarium.

1. Excellent transparency

The light transmission of the clear acrylic can reach 92%.

2. Excellent weather resistance

High adaptability to natural environment, even for a long time in the sunlight, wind blowing and rain will not change the performance, anti-aging performance is good, you can also feel at ease to use in the outdoor.

3. Good processing performance

Both suitable for mechanical processing and heat forming.

Product Name

Acrylic Fish Tank Aquarium

Raw Material

100% Imported Lucite



Thickness Capicity:


Tensile Strength:


Specific gravity


Thermoforming Ranges


Terms of payment

40% as advance payment by T/T after signing the contract, 60% by T/T before delivery


Custom Size


Perfect transparency and the light transmittance with 92%

Excellent electrical insulation

Very light in weight

High plasticity, Processing and shaping easier

Strong surface hardness and good weather resisting property

Delivery Time

15-30 days

Production Line

Our company adheres to the customer-oriented and application-oriented strategy, and continues to focus on development in the field of Custom Corner Large Acrylic Fish Tanks / Large Acrylic Glass Aquariums. We are enthusiastic to provide you with satisfactory service and look forward to working with you to develop together. We are willing to provide better products for our customers. Our company will continue to serve customers with best quality, competitive price and timely delivery & the best payment term!
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