Large Transparent Acrylic Sheet Fish Tank

Large Transparent Acrylic Sheet Fish Tank

Material: 100% Pure Lucite Raw Material
Type: Thick-cast acrylic sheet
Thickness: 2-100mm
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Product Details

Our Acrylic Fish Tank Aquarium, Fish Aquarium Acrylic, Acrylic Swimming Pool Outdoor has unique and advanced functions, which can replace traditional products and win greater economic benefits for the company. Based on the local, facing all parts of the country and radiating the whole world is our constant pursuit goal. Our solutions have national accreditation requirements for qualified, good quality items, affordable value, was welcomed by individuals all over the world.

The feature of Acrylic aquarium tank

Acrylic Plastic Sheet is a lightweight substitute for glass that has better optical quality and is more economical. It provides low distortion and will not yellow after prolonged exposure to sunlight. It offers four times more impact resistance than glass.




P0001 (9)

P0001 (11)

P0001 (16)

P0001 (18)

1. Excellent light transmittance up to 93% with high gloss.

2. Excellent resistance to weather, anti-UV, and easy to clean.

3. Good rocessability, suitable for mechanical process and thermal-forming.

4. Good resistance to impact and chemical corrosion。

5. Easily dyed and suitable for surface decoration such as spraying. silkscreen printing, vacuum coating ,etc.

6. Excellent surface hardness as aluminum alloy and anti-scratch.

7. Excellent stability during 40 degrees below zero to 90 degrees.


Acrylic aquarium tank


100% Pure Lucite Raw Material


Thick-cast acrylic sheet


clear, transparent, opaque, milky white, black, red, yellow, green,fluorescent,etc.




Energy-saving, easy-cleaning and durably-using


Advertising, decoration, sign, furniture, sanitary appliance, handicraft, lamp-box, etc.



Production Line

We have established a complete set of quality assurance system to ensure that our Large Transparent Acrylic Sheet Fish Tank can meet market norms and requirements. We promise to try our greatest to deliver you with high quality and economical products and services. We hope to more closely integrate our technology plan with our business strategy and vision to achieve longer-term development.
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